Why Editors Don’t Reply: And Other Insights About Freelance Travel Writing

by James Durston, ,

$3.59 for Kindle version, $5.88 for paperback.


Answering 40 real questions from working travel writers around the world, the second Travel Write Earn book focuses purely on the daily practicalities of being a working travel freelancer in the 21st century.

Why do so many editors ignore your pitches?
What time of day or of the week should you send a query to maximize your chances of success?
How can you convince an editor to buy a story he or she says they really don’t need?
What can you do to maximize your fees and ensure prompt payment?
Should you offer to include pictures with your story?
Should you send a fully written piece or just an idea when pitching?
Can you pitch multiple editors at once?
What’s the easiest and quickest way to find the exact editor to pitch and their email address?

All these and many more REAL QUESTIONS from real freelancers are answered by a working travel editor.

Travel Write Earn is run by James Durston, a journalist and editor and former senior producer for CNN Travel. CNN Travel became one of the most popular travel content websites in the world. He then went on to launch several other travel and lifestyle websites for major brands, and has nearly two decades of experience in the writing and editing world.

This book reaches the parts other travel writing guides do not reach. Focused on the hard-nosed realities of winning commissions and turning yourself into a valuable writer for hire, this is one of the few books that provides answers direct from the editor’s desk.


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