How To Sell Travel Stories: Advice From Editors

by James Durston, ,

$3.99 for Kindle version, $6.90 for paperback.


– Why headlines are the key ingredient when pitching to online platforms
– Which travel magazines and websites want your work, and how much they pay
– The best and worst pitches ever received
– How to ‘brand’ yourself as a writer worth hiring

All this and much more in this insightful, penetrating, straight-to-the-point book from a working editor who reveals why he buys certain pitches and bins others. Learn how small changes to how you pitch and write travel articles can result in a massive hike in your success rate. Compact and efficient, this guide to becoming a bestselling travel writer who sells travel articles consistently combines with unique insights into the world of the travel editor, as exposed by CNN Travel’s former senior producer and homepage editor, James Durston.

Also hear advice and expert thoughts from editors at: Lonely Planet, The New York Times, Wanderlust, Tatler and more.


– A list of 85 titles that want to buy your travel articles and how much they pay
– The 5 pitches no writer should ever send
– One sure-fire way to become an editors favorite writer

Follow James as he moves from a humdrum publishing job in the middle of Mumbai to the neon glamour of Hong Kong. Read his advice on how to pitch stories in ways that maximize your chances of getting through to your target editor. Discover his “5 commandments” of travel writing and hear about the worst and best pitches he ever received. Hear all this in the context of the launch, growth and metamorphosis of one of the last decade’s most ambitious and successful travel websites – CNN Travel.

If you’re serious about selling travel articles as you travel the world, this book gives you cut-through advice direct from the editor’s mouth – knowledge that you can use immediately to write effective pitches that sell.

This book provides the ammunition to sell multi-fold more stories than you would have without this book, from publications that pay up to and sometimes more than US$1 per word.


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