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I’m James Durston (say hello over in the video) and I’m here to help you become a successful travel writer.

I’ve sold hundreds of articles myself as a freelance writer for many high profile publications including CNN, Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast, Discovery, VICE, SCMP, The Independent and The Daily Mail. More importantly I’ve spent nearly US$750,000 buying thousands of articles as a commissioning editor.

Travel Write Earn is designed to show you exactly what I’m thinking and how I work when I sell and buy travel articles, so you can maximise your own chances of similar success.

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Fine-tune your pitching with this live recorded 90-minute workshop, detailing exactly how to approach editors with structured queries that sell


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The only pitching and travel writing guides written by an editor. These (low-priced and well-reviewed) insights into the travel publishing world are a steal

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Get your travel writing career off to a flyer with this list of 127 magazines, websites and newspapers that accept freelance travel queries. Enter your email address below and I’ll send it immediately.

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Your ebook above tells you where to pitch, now learn how. To win assignments, you need to know how to write and structure emails that editors like to receive. This 90-minute workshop deconstructs the process.

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Travel writing course and coaching

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1-2-1 private coaching program

There’s much more to becoming a travel writer editors love to work with. But you don’t need to spend weeks in a classroom to learn it all. My specially designed coaching program will rapidly equip you with everything you need to earn a regular income as a travel writer.

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James Durston Travel Writing Coach SMALL

20 years experience

As a writer and an editor

Past clients include CNN, VICE, Travel + Leisure, GQ (and many more). Past roles include reporter, commissioning editor and managing editor. I know both sides of the travel publishing market – selling and buying stories – which means you get the full picture on Travel Write Earn.

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