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The latest in the Travel Write Earn series spells out everything you need to know to start a career as a working travel writer from scratch. 30 different writers and editors describe the various aspects of travel writing as a livelihood using real examples from their own experiences and careers.

This book provides answers to the most common questions new travel writers have. It covers in detail, and in many cases using step-by-step examples, the processes wannabe travel writers should go through to maximise their chances of success.

Niche Writing And Finding Ideas
How To Write With Meaning
Fees, Finances And The Business Of Writing
Relationships And Client Management
Pitching, Credentials And The Sell
Blogging And Social Media

– How to write pitches/queries editors love
– Why headlines are the key ingredient
– Which travel magazines and websites want your work, and how much they pay
– The best and worst pitches ever received
– How to be a writer worth hiring

All this and much more in this insightful, straight-to-the-point book from a working editor who reveals why he buys certain pitches and bins others. Also hear advice and expert thoughts from editors at: Lonely Planet, The New York Times, Wanderlust, Tatler and more.


– A list of 85 titles that want to buy your travel articles and how much they pay
– The 5 pitches no writer should ever send
– One sure-fire way to become an editors favorite writer

Answers to 40 real questions from working travel writers around the world.

Why do so many editors ignore your pitches?
What time of day or of the week should you send a query to maximize your chances of success?
How can you convince an editor to buy a story he or she says they really don’t need?
What can you do to maximize your fees and ensure prompt payment?
Should you offer to include pictures with your story?
Should you send a fully written piece or just an idea when pitching?
Can you pitch multiple editors at once?
What’s the easiest and quickest way to find the exact editor to pitch and their email address?

All these and many more REAL QUESTIONS from real freelancers are answered by a working travel editor.

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