Travel Writing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Start The Best Job In The World

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A collaborative, co-operative project between 30 members of the Travel Write Earn and Pitchwhiz communities.

The latest in the Travel Write Earn series spells out everything you need to know to start a career as a working travel writer from scratch. 30 different writers and editors describe the various aspects of travel writing as a livelihood using real examples from their own experiences and careers.

This book provides answers to the most common – and important – questions new travel writers have. It covers in specific detail, and in many cases using step-by-step examples, the processes wannabe travel writers should go through to maximise their chances of success.

Created by James Durston, a former senior producer at CNN Travel, edited by five experienced travel writers and editors, and with nearly 30 professional travel writers contributing, no stone is left unturned in this comprehensive prescription of what to do to become a professional travel writer.

Creator: James Durston
Editors: James Durston, Kim Lambert, Ffion Llwyd-Jones, David Mumpower, Rachael Rowe
Contributors: Lindy Alexander, Christa Bedwin, Lucy Bryson, Chez Chesak, MaryRose Denton, Judith Fein, Shobha George, Elyse Hauser, PJ Heller, Sandra Henriques, Betsi Hill, Ashley Howe, Kristine Jepsen, Scott Kendall, Kim Lambert, Deborah Mackie, Fiona Maclean, Andrew Madigan, John Malathronas, Katherine Martinelli, Wayne Moran, David Mumpower, Jo Ostgarden, Diana Plater, Rachael Rowe, Sue Reddel, Rossana Wyatt, Qin Xie

Topics covered:
Niche Writing And Finding Ideas
How To Write With Meaning, Impact and Personality
Fees, Finances And The Business Of Writing
Relationships And Client Management
Pitching, Credentials And The Sell
Blogging And Social Media

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