Travel writing tips: Interview with an editor

Interview with a travel editor

Travel writing is one of those careers that attracts a lot of people, who then quickly start asking themselves various questions, like:

– where the hell is the work?
– how the hell do I earn a living doing this?
– why isn’t this as easy and vacation-like as I thought it would be?
– why can’t I come up with any good ideas?
– how do I get on a free press trip to Bali?

… and so on.

I recently did a podcast interview with Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den where I explain some of my thoughts on some of those topics.

You can listen here:


Also covered: why we shouldn’t think of ourselves as ‘travel writers’, but as ‘travel journalists’, and how self-awareness can be a quick way to uncover original ideas.

Gabi Logan of the Dream of Travel Writing website features first up, I come on at the 31.17 mark.

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