Pitch Pit #3: The over-sensitive writer

Pitch Pit #3: The over-sensitive writer

Oops. I DID have a Pitch Pit critique here but the author didn’t like what I wrote and demanded I take it down. Instead, let’s enjoy his escalating email rant!


Nothing like a lawsuit threat and being called a c*nt to start your weekend off with a laugh!

If anyone thinks they have what it takes to run the Pitch Pit, please send – accepting submissions now.

10 thoughts on “Pitch Pit #3: The over-sensitive writer

    1. I am tempted to put it up Qin – depends how bad a mood I’m in on the day! I’ll let you know if I do. To be honest, it was fairly tame, no more hard-hitting than the other critiques in the Pitch Pit. Some people need to grow a skin!

  1. Wow, I can’t believe whoever that writer was acted so immature. I understand it can hurt one’s feelings to be rejected. I’ve had photos or articles that didn’t make the cut for a publication, and even if an editor was curt I’d never respond in such a childish way. Crazy how unprofessional people can be!

    1. Yes this was an odd response, especially as he should have seen the other Pitch Pit submissions, of which I was similarly critical. I guess he was hoping for (expecting?) unfiltered praise and glory.

    1. In Aussie and Brit-speak, it is far more commonly flung at men. We’re way too well-bred to derogate women like this!

    1. It’s funny, as soon as these messages came through I seemed to recall he had a bit of a rep. Leopards, spots etc!

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