A freelance writing ‘formula’



So, how do we get editors to publish and pay for our stories?

I’ve broken down the thought process I used as an editor, when evaluating pitches. This is my ‘formula’ for pitching for freelance writing jobs: the PICD method. Other editors will have other requirements, but basically you will never be wrong if you follow this:

  1. Write a great PITCH
  2. That contains a great IDEA
  3. Backed up by great CREDENTIALS
  4. And conclude with a great DELIVERY

Inside this formula is everything you need not just to win a single assignment, but to win multiple assignments – and eventually, hopefully, hit the two holy grails for freelance writers:

  1. To win retainer projects
  2. To get editors to pitch you.

There’s a lot to each of those elements, so we will drill down into one aspect of this formula – THE PITCH – during the course of this workshop.

This also will help shed light on at least two of these other elements, and as we go through a pitch we’ll also learn a few other tips about pitching and being a freelance writer.

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