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Vici Egan travel writer

Pitching workshop

“Thanks so much for your time and expertise today. That was, without doubt, the most practical and useful workshop on writing that I have ever attended, and I’ve been to plenty! I’m excited about the prospect of pitching!”

— Vici Egan, early-stage travel writer and workshop attendee

Deborah Mackie, early-stage travel writer.

1-2-1 coaching

Highly recommended. James has provided invaluable help with knowledge, experience and opinions that only an insider can give. In our first two sessions, he gave guidance on story angles, pitching techniques, writing styles and target publications. He shares his expertise freely and his rates are very reasonable – especially for someone of his calibre. Looking forward to more mentoring.

— Deborah Mackie, early-stage travel writer and coaching student

Petra Loho travel writer

Life sometimes takes unexpected turns. Facing a rather sharp bend recently, I used the opportunity to reinvent my career and to start out fresh as a freelance journalist.

What I hadn’t learned in journalism school though was how to pitch. As I desired to understand how editors tick, what publications want from freelance writers, I reached out to James for coaching sessions.

After agreeing on the modus operandi and defining the goals we both wanted to achieve with our coaching sessions, James and I started working together.

James provides real strategic insights and critiques my pitch drafts and final pieces with practical tips. He has made me understand the process better, and I have developed a more diverse way how I think about a story potential and how to craft a pitch.

James is a generous and accessible coach and editor, always with a positive approach. His coaching style is straight-up, fact-filled, enriching, and thorough and provides results.

Since working with James, I have added bylines with Architectural Record, Fodor’s Travel and Metropolis Magazine to my bio.

— Petra Loho, early-stage travel writer and coaching student

group of travel writers

Travel Write Earn books

“EVERY travel writer should read this book!”

“Great to get an honest review of what editors deal with so I can steer clear of being annoying. Really helpful and lots of great insight.”

“I had been looking forward to this book and was not disappointed! His tips are super–in fact, I was in the middle of reading his book when I took his advice and changed a pitch. I got an immediate acceptance from the editor! Wasn’t expecting the ‘insider’ story of how editors and media think. Very insightful!”

“As entertaining as it is informative. Packed with practical, highly useful advice for any writer, it’s a great read.”

“Very informative. As short as it needed to be too. Have bought the second one and will eagerly await the third. Cheers.”

“If you’re a freelance travel writer, you’ve probably written your share of pitches that fall into a deep, dark hole of silence. This book shines a candid light into that mysterious pit. Unlike the authors of many similar books and articles, however, he goes far beyond discussing bad pitches to outline in detail what DOES work, including tips on writing clickable headlines, keeping your pitch short, and making the editor’s life easier by providing photos or noting whether your story would work particularly well on mobile devices.

“You can probably polish off this short, pithy book in an evening or two, and it will be time very well spent if you’re serious about making a living as a travel writer.”

— Various Travel Write Earn readers

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