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James Durston

I'm a freelance travel writer and travel editor, now teaching others how to realize their own travel writing dreams.

Over the last 20 years I’ve written and commissioned articles for many different products and genres. I started as a finance writer in London, but for the last 10+ years have specialized in travel, both writing and commissioning articles as an editor. I've worked for international news organizations, inflight magazines and new startups.

Some of my past clients and employers include CNN, Travel + Leisure, VICE, Men's Journal, SCMP, GQ, Condé Nast, Discovery, The Daily Mail, Travel Weekly and more.

And now I’m revealing exactly how I sell articles as a freelancer, and what I’m thinking when I buy them as an editor.

The tools and insights you find on Travel Write Earn provide a compact, practical and fast-track guide to rapidly master and then apply everything I’ve learned over those years.

If you're a total beginner, I can answer your questions and help you hit the ground running as you start your travel writing career. I provide the real-life insights you just don't get in lecture halls and classrooms, but that you need to succeed quickly in this industry.

If you're an intermediate travel writer, I can help you earn more from your articles, fine-tune your pitches to increase your sales rates, and help find new ways to write about the places you go and experiences you have.

If you're an established and expert travel writer ... what are you doing here? Go write! No seriously, I can also offer help answering any questions you have about the editorial and publishing world the other side of the email divide. This could be especially useful if you have no experience as a commissioning editor, and would like some insights into that murky pond.

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