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Pitching Workshop

A 90-minute live recorded travel writing workshop, held at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

‘Real life’ value: US$150. Now available online for just US$45.


This workshop took place at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival in the beautifully renovated Tai Kwun Centre For Heritage & Arts. The exclusive one-time event was conducted for 30 students – all of whom were beginning their journeys as travel writers.

The workshop covered many different topics and was designed to provide highly practical, useable, useful insights into the travel publishing process. This workshop will give you the tools to immediately start selling story ideas to editors.

“Thanks so much for your time and expertise today. That was, without doubt, the most practical and useful workshop on writing that I have ever attended, and I’ve been to plenty! I’m excited about the prospect of pitching!”

Vici Egan, Workshop attendee

travel writing workshop video

Key Learning Outcomes and Skills

The workshop deconstructs one of the best pitches I have ever received as an editor. We explore why the pitch worked, how it differs to pitches that fail, and lays out an easy-to-follow formula for constructing your own travel story pitches.

The workshop also looks at places to find ideas for stories, and gives real life examples of great pitches that four different freelance travel writers used to win assignments. These assignments were published in CNN Travel, The New York Times, South China Morning Post and BBC Travel.

Course chapters

  1. The two types of freelance writing
  2. Setting your fee
  3. A freelance writing ‘formula’
  4. Pitch intros
  5. Pitch headlines
  6. Pitch sells
  7. Pitch summaries & other details
  8. Why now
  9. Why you
  10. Real life example #1
  11. Real life example #2
  12. Real life example #3
  13. Real life example #4
  14. Following up
  15. Other miscellaneous tips
  16. War reporter vs travel writer
  17. The importance of details
  18. Amazing ideas vs OK ideas
  19. 3 amazing ideas
  20. Where to find ideas
  21. Audience Q&A

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Course Fee: US$150 US$45

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Quick Info

  • Fast track: immediately usable info to sell your stories
  • Handouts and course content available for download
  • 80% reduction from original workshop price for online students
  • An all-video course for easy learning
  • Top-rated course by past students
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