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About three weeks ago I launched my latest little endeavour into the entrepreneurial world. It’s called Pitchwhiz, and it’s a place for freelance writers to find editors to pitch, to manage their communications and to generally organise their ideas, pitches and contacts.

It’s also a place for editors to find writers from across the world, covering all sorts of topics from insurance to cannabis to business and travel.

We’ve got nearly 2,000 writers on the site so far and nearly 700 editors, so the start has been really gratifying.

If you haven’t already, go check it out! It’s free and we’re adding and tweaking features all the time. Pitchwhiz

I’ll also be sending out a couple of emails a month to Pitchwhiz members that specify some freelance work that editors on the platform are looking for. See examples of those at the very bottom of this post.

This was the latest update:

New development

We just deployed a new Pitches page. Not hugely different to the last, but a bit slicker and hopefully makes managing your communications even easier. Take a look here.

We’re closing in on 2,000 freelancers and 700 editors on the site. That’s pretty great. Editors can contact writers from every (habitable) continent covering a large variety of topics on the platform already. (If you need some stories on cannabis, we even have a couple writers who can do that…).

And it means freelancers have an extensive database of editors to search through for their story ideas.

Make your story stand out

We’ve got a few dozen stories in the story market already from freelancers, with some really nice ideas. In my opinion, not all of them are working as hard as they can to attract an editor, so I’m going to do a piece soon about how to make your story really sing its own praises. Look out for that.

What editors want

And while editors have been a little more reticent on publicly shouting out their needs in the Story Market so far, there are definitely needs there. Here are a few who want to be pitched (you can find all these editors with a search in the Editor Directory):

Luxury Retreats Magazine: Jenny Cahill-Jones, managing editor, is looking for a travel writer who has experience writing features about Australia/Sydney for a couple of potential upcoming stories – http://magazine.luxuryretreats.com/.

Ignites Europe: Baptiste Aboulian, managing editor, is looking for stories about the European asset management industry.

Opaque Magazine: Emily Stephens, editor-in-chief, is looking for open minded, out-the-box content on things like gender inequality, LGBTQ+ community issues, racial inequality.

Lonely Planet: Lauren Keith, Destination Editor for the Middle East & North Africa, is looking for 800-1200 word articles about destinations in any countries in the Middle East and North Africa to be published on lonelyplanet.com.

IDG Connect International: Kate Hoy, editor, is looking for regional stories and information which will help IT professionals perform better in their jobs or progress in their careers.

Farmers Insurance digital: Meliss Phipps, managing editor, is looking for good reporters who aren’t afraid of a challenge. Insurance industry knowledge is a plus, but not necessary. Topics include home improvements, disaster prep and recovery, small business ideas, life stages planning, and insurance questions.

Budapest Business Journal: Robin Marshall MBE, editor-in-chief, is interested in business stories that have a definite Hungarian angle (developed in Hungary, or by Hungarians, or launching in Hungary).

And many more… happy pitching!


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