How To Be A Successful Travel Writer

How do you become a travel writer?

One of the most sought professions for writers, travel writing can also be tough to break into.

Plenty has been written about it by other successful travel writers. But while that information is useful, those looking to sell travel articles consistently really need to understand how assigning editors think. That’s what my two books (see right) reveal.

The writer

James Durston is a writer, managing editor and journalist of 15 years. He has spent much of the last decade traveling through Asia, producing travel content for CNN Travel and other high profile online publications.

He has insights both as a freelance writer trying to sell stories, and as an editor, commissioning writers and editing stories.

His upcoming ebook is the first book to tackle the questions and frustrations of the freelance life from the editor’s side of that relationship.

The book – How To Pitch Travel Stories: An Editor’s Advice

Questions the book will cover include:

What does your editor really want?
What’s it like to work at CNN?
What makes a great pitch?
How can you make your story stand apart from the crowd?
What do editors really think of freelance writers?
How much can you earn as a freelance travel writer?
Which publications pay best?

The book will also document his arrival in Hong Kong as copy editor for CNNGo, living through it’s transition into CNN Travel. It will provide insights into the inner workings of a media megalith, covering the hunt for traffic and life in Hong Kong as a young online editor.

Click the images in the sidebar (scroll up) to preview or see more details about either the Kindle or paperback version of the book.

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    1. Thanks Pier! The book is taking a little longer than expected but it’s getting there – in the meantime I’ll continue to add useful tidbits to this blog. Thanks for visiting!

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